~Episode one: The Albatross

A Starship that has lost its heart and soul. A war torn ruined galaxy.
A crew seeking out lost hope.....

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Re: ~Episode one: The Albatross

Postby Grenn » Thu May 07, 2015 4:42 pm

[Conference Room]
[USS Enterprise]
[MD-1, 1030 hrs]

S'rravl sat, finally, at the head of the conference room table, a piping hot mug of honey sweetened Andorian tea sitting on the onyx black table in front of him, steam slowly rising into the air as his eyes remained glued to the PADD in his left hand. Vulcan. It was a logical starting place for going about making contact, once again, with the rest of the outside Federation. But, just because it was the most logical starting place after Sol, which was not approachable anyway, that didn't mean that it was the safest place to begin the search for what was left of the Federation. All in all, the perfect place to send the damaged and far from whole flagship of the Federation on its maiden voyage, of sorts, under the command of the youngest, by a wide margin, Captain in the fleet. The Caitian grunted and reached for the mug of tea, taking a sip before returning it to the table. The rest of the Senior Staff would be filing in any minute and, after the staff meeting was done the ship would officially launch from Andor. Since the transit from Andor to Vulcan would take, at most, a few hours it was necessary to have the meeting out of the way first.

The door opened, letting the Chief Engineer in. "Hey. Wanted to get here first." she said, walking around behind the chair and making sure nobody was entering. She then gave him a hug from behind and a kiss on the cheek. Such things may not be proper.... but she wasn't overly concerned with it.

Sitting down, again checking the door to ensure nobody had entered yet, she continued. "Last night's dinner was quite good. I doubt we'll have much time for that for a little while." she said, knowing that wherever they were going, it would be.... interesting to say the least.

"Glad you enjoyed it and yes, I expect we'll be quite busy once we reach the Vulcan system," S'rravl replied, eyes still glued to the PADD in his hands. "Speaking of handfuls, have you heard from your mother at all?" S'rravl doubted that Rissi had, between the subspace communications blackout across a vast swath of what had been the heart of the Federation and the rift between Rissi and most of the rest of her family. Still, it was worth asking. It would be good to at least attempt to invite Rissi's family to the upcoming wedding.

"No, but..... something tells me she's heard about it. I mean... Cait's still out there. What's between here and there is anyone's guess, but we've all heard the rumors." Rissi said, referring to the way the universe was working outside the Andorian system. Plenty of rumors and secondhand information had filtered in with random freighters and civilian ships that had found there way to Andoria. Everything from Borg everywhere but also nowhere, to no sightings at all, and everything in between. The more realistic estimates pointed to a fractured collective and random patrols of disconnected vessels.

"Is there anything that woman doesn't hear about? Even when there are no subspace communications?" The Captain picked up his mug of tea and took another cautious sip to avoid burning his tongue.

As soon as a petty officer relieved her, Soraya left her console and found her way to the 'conference room'. It looked like it was repurposed from junior officer's quarters, with most all of the furniture replaced by a single conference table. She stopped briefly at the replicator. "Coffee, black," she ordered, taking the result of which to a spot about midway down the conference table. It smelled like coffee, at least.

The conference room had more in common with a street gang's backroom operations than a meeting of a starship's head operators. If not for the lack of counting machines and piles of gold pressed latinum, Lizzie might have been surprised how woefully unprepared she was for this bust. The double-take lasted for only a split second. This was a staff meeting on the mangled E, so of course it was in the smallest, dingiest room that could be found. A small sound escaped her lips as the Security Chief found her seat, a place facing both the door and as many of the other occupants as possible, taking the opportunity to study them in a more controlled environment as they awaited the others.

S'rravl nodded to each of the women, in turn, as they entered the make-shift conference room. Then he carefully avoided Lizzie's gaze. Who knew, she might still be mad about the whole "you're a child" thing. Taking a sip of his tea, he resumed perusing the PADD and reading up on the last known intelligence report on the Vulcan System which was, naturally, very out of date.

Within a few more moments the rest of the ship's senior staff had assembled in the Conference Room, however makeshift that room happened to be, and the group was ready for the meeting. "So," S'rravl began looking around the table, his eyes lingering on the pint-sized security chief for a fraction of a second longer than anyone else, before they moved on.

"Mission briefing, but first a few housekeeping announcements. First, I've obviously been promoted to Captain and placed in command of this ship. That means there's another senior staff shake-up, so say hello to your new Executive Officer," he gestured to Rissi, "I chose her because, frankly, she knows the capabilities of this ship better than anyone else and she's been onboard longer than everyone other than me."

"Next, our first mission is to go to Vulcan and see what, if anything is still there. Last contact was six months ago, roughly, prior to the Borg reaching their planet. There's been no contact in or out since then, so we've no idea what to expect when we arrive and with subspace being in its current state, even getting accurate long-range scans is not possible. Questions," the Captain asked, looking around the table.

After a few moments of silence with no questions, Rissi spoke up. "I think we are all aware that this will be the first time a capital ship has left system in a year. But I'm not sure if you all know the true gravity of the situation. It's no secret that resources are spread thin across Andoria. But the fleet's are even worse off. Unless we begin re-establishing contact and some kind of trade outside of this star system, all our remaining ships will be out of fuel in under 2 years with most running out before that. There just isn't enough dilithium and antimatter to last beyond, even with the extreme rationing we're already undertaking. Our mission is the first step of the entire attempt to maintain Starfleet and by extension the Federation."

After letting that sit for a moment, she looked to S'rravl who gave a slight nod. "Keep that in mind as we move forward. Meeting dismissed, and we'll be at Vulcan within the next 6 hours." she said, standing to indicate as such.

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Re: ~Episode one: The Albatross

Postby Aegis » Sun May 10, 2015 10:12 pm

[USS Enterprise]
[MD-1, 1500 hrs]

S'rravl leaned back in the command chair on the exceedingly cramped bridge of the Enterprise. His eyes studied the PADD in his hands, reading over the engineering and operations reports from his department heads. Outside of the not insignificant amount of hull damage that the ship had received and which had not been repaired, and was not likely to be repaired any time soon, they were ready to depart for Vulcan ahead of schedule. That suited the Captain just fine. He tapped a few quick commands into the PADD, to sign off on the reports that his two department heads had sent him. There was nothing for it now but to clear out.

"Helm," S'rravl said, scooting forward slightly in his seat so he could clean forward with his elbows on his knees. "Inform the work bees that we will be departing the system now and instruct them to clear from the ship and flight path, if they haven't already. Once they're clear engage the navigational deflector and set course for the edge of the system." Once he had finished giving the orders S'rravl leaned back in the seat again and waited for them to be carried out. Within half an hour the ship was at the edge of Andorian space.

"Helm, lay in a course for Vulcan, maximum warp. Engage," the Caitian said, using the same phrase that the ship's previous commanding officer had used. Somehow, it seemed to be a fitting homage to the famous captain.

"Tactical, I want you to raise shields when we're half a lightyear from the Vulcan system, there's been no contact from them in over six months and there's no telling what we may encounter. That being said, I do not want our weapons running hot. Once you've raised the shields, take us to Yellow Alert," S'rravl said, standing up from the command chair and stretching for a moment before heading into what passed for a Ready Room. Really, it was more of a repurposed, and slightly expanded, closet with a replicator built into the wall, a very tiny wood desk, and one extra chair. Nothing like the ship's original Ready Room, which had been destroyed along with much of the rest of the saucer section. Entering the room, S'rravl deposited himself behind the desk and proceeded to take a nap for the time being. Who knew when he'd be able to catch some sleep again.

[Just Outside of Vulcan]

An audible beeping noise awoke the Captain from his nap and he picked the sand from his eyes for a moment before sitting up and running his fingers through the fur on his face so it wouldn't look like he'd been in his Ready Room taking a nap. That done he moved to the doors of the Ready Room which parted with a hiss and was about to walk through them when the ship suddenly lurched hard to starboard and the Commanding Officer was hurled, unceremoniously through the open doors out onto the deck of the bridge.

"Report," the Caitian snapped, his voice muffled somewhat by the deck for a moment as he sat up and swiped at the blood from his now split lip.

"We've hit some kind of mine," came a voice from the science station. "It must have been cloaked."

"All engines full reverse, backs us off directly back along the path we were taking. Get me a damage report, and I want options on how to proceed."

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Is it a Crime to See Fault in Our Humanity?

Postby Jordan » Mon May 18, 2015 1:58 am

[Makeshift Bridge, USS Enterprise, Vulcan system]

As the ship careened towards the Vulcan system, the Miran Lieutenant at Tactical keyed in the command to activate the shields. A shell of energy leapt into being, its only purpose to protect its lifegiving host from serious harm. Despite its promise of protection, the Miran girl's stomach lurched, tightening into its customary ball as she faced yet another unknown. She gripped the console before her with a fierce determination, unwilling —or just unable— to let fate play out is hand unfettered. There were times in which Lizzie admonished herself as being paranoid of having no faith that things would just play out.

This was not one of those times.

It seemed that the battered spaceship had barely reached its destination before everything went to hell. The deck underneath the Security Chief dropped away as the ship pitched suddenly on its side. Clinging to the console, Lizzie waited the sixty milliseconds for the inertial dampeners to engage, righting the gravity and allowing her to let go momentarily. Enough time to discover who had attacked them and how quickly she could fire back.

There was no obvious attacker on scans, nothing but bits of debris registering on scanners in the immediate vicinity. The attacker must either be cloaked or long range, perhaps having sent a torpedo to knock out their defenses. Her mind ran as she checked over the E's weapons capabilities.

Dorsal phasers? Check.

This isn't a typical Borg tactic. They have no real mind for such strategy up close, now when a lone sphere is a match for a whole starship.

Forward torpedoes? Check.

A cloaked adversary could be present, perhaps a Romulan war fleet come to enact Reunification by force?

Ventral phasers? Check.

Vulcans are known for their fortifications and savvy war machines. This could have been a new automated system programmed to fire on any inbound vessel as a failsafe measure. Or an actively hostile measure, should—

Interrupted by the sound of the new captain, with whom she had knocked heads with earlier, the Miran girl scrambled to mutter a coherent response. She was caught off-guard when the young ensign at the science station piped up in reply instead. A cloaked mine had made mince-meat of their shields, no enemy was in range.

The young ensign at science was obviously oblivious to the cold glare reaching out from the tactical station.

Even before S'rravl called for a damage report, Lizzie's due diligence had looked up the state of the final weapons' and defensive capabilities. Her face contorted into a frown as the console beneath her fingers reported a discrepancy in the aft torpedoes. The girl couldn't remember any such problems reported by her assistant chief's report. She had no reason to trust the Vulcan's competency, but for the moment the Miran Lieutenant chalked it up to battle damage.

The shields, though, the shields were in poor shape. Ventral shields on the forward port side were gone, simply gone, their emitters damaged. Other sections had lost strength while attempting to automatically compensate or from the blast's shockwave. Overall, the E's defensive fields stood at a miserable 27%. Lizzie's frown turned into a outright scowl.

"Weapons' systems look," the Miran paused, considering the full weight of an admission of problems. No, the girl thought, she would deal with it herself. "good. But our shields are at a quarter of their strength."

Glancing around the makeshift bridge, Lizzie took in the stares of the other officers, so many of them too young and naive to have expected any problems. Of course, the Security Chief realized, the Vulcans were allies. Few of them had experience the true depth of the failure of nobility when faced with few good alternatives. In the darkness, all beings became monsters.

"I recommend we wait here until a full tactical survey of the system can be made."

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Re: ~Episode one: The Albatross

Postby Grenn » Tue May 19, 2015 6:36 pm

[Engineering, USS Enterprise, Vulcan system]

"No breaches! Shield took most of the blast" Rissi called out to her other Engineers who were not working on correcting the problems associated with hitting the damn thing.

"Has to be a mine. The shockwave blew out the emitters in a nearly perfect pattern" one of her staff called out as he did what he could to stabilize the shield matrix.

Rissi hit her commbadge, still checking all the data she could see. "Damage Control to Deck 19. Sections 12 through 18. Work your way out, sweeping for internal damage from a mine strike." she called out, pinpointing the epicenter of the detonation. The emitter damage was in the outer hull... not much they could do about it from where they were without taking a walk.

"Taylor, take a detail and get shield power stabilized. Let's make up as much as we can." she said to one of her Ensigns. They could compensate for the loss of emitters on the grid somewhat, but the amount of them that was offline thanks to the concussion of the blast was problematic at best.
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Re: ~Episode one: The Albatross

Postby Aegis » Mon May 25, 2015 5:02 am

[Makeshift Bridge, USS Enterprise, Vulcan system]

“A solid recommendation… Chief,” S’rravl said in response to Lizzie’s suggestion of making a full tactical survey of the system, trying ‘Chief’ out for size on the Miran. Of course, any such moniker assigned to the girl just felt ludicrous to him because of how young she was.

“Helm, hold position and tactical begin your scans. Work together, we need a way through this minefield and we need to know where any other mines are before we can move on towards Vulcan proper. Keep the weapons primed too, if something comes up from in the system I’d prefer to be ready to shoot back.” The Caitian leaned back in his command chair and surveyed the rest of the Bridge. No doubt this was the part of the mission where a more seasoned commanding officer would have something inspiring to say that would bring out the best in the crew but, in truth, S’rravl wasn’t sure what that would sound like. A simple cheer for merely still being alive felt like it would achieve the opposite effect of the one S’rravl wanted.

(tag Lizzie)

“What’s the state of internal communications,” he asked after a few seconds pause. “We need to know what’s going on down in Engineering.” Deciding he could answer his question best through his own efforts, the Captain reached up to his chest and tapped his comm badge.

“Bridge to Engineering, report.”

"A quarter of our shield emitters are gone and I'd need to send repair teams onto the outer hull to even try and get them back. But we didn't pick up any new hull breaches." Rissi called out through the comm.

“Understood, begin repairs and keep your people inside the ship for the time being. Focus on getting our shields back up to something resembling the functionality they had when we left the Fleet,” the Captain replied, sighing and reaching up to massage his temples as he signed off from the communications channel with Engineering.

“Ops, you’re being oddly quiet,” S’rravl said after another moment’s thought, reaching down to retrieve the fallen stylus to his PADD from the deck. He pitched the item at the back of the Ops Officer’s head. “What can we do about rerouting power to restore the shields? Are any of the auxiliary emitters on the affected side of the ship still functional? Are they even still there?”

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Re: ~Episode one: The Albatross

Postby Kayvin » Tue May 26, 2015 7:15 am

The stylus hit the back of her chair and clattered to the floor once again. "Sorry, sir," Soraya responded, "I'm still trying to find out what we have to work with. I imagine our hull has another battle scar to add to the collection. I think we can bring up some shields, but it'd be really nice if you could hit the next mine with the other side of the ship." Then it'd be even, she added to herself, silently.

What was left of the mine they hit was visible, but there was barely enough mine left to study.

"I'm not confident our sensors are going to be the answer here, we're using an auxiliary array as it is," Soraya added, "They're likely too small for the array to pick up the distortions, and the ambient subspace anomalies aren't going to make that any easier. We need to find a way to detonate the mines ahead of us and clear a path."

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