The Omega reflections

The last stand of Starfleet at Earth.
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The Omega reflections

Postby Captain_Davies » Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:36 pm

[ Palais de la Concorde]
[Paris France]

The President sat and stared out the windows of his office. His eyes drawn not to the garden below but to the skys. Shuttlecraft whizzing through the Stratosphere delivering more weapons for ground troops for the expected borg landing that would occur in the next few hours. In the background his comm system sounded again. Likely the Representatives from the Mobile infantry wanting to take him to the bunker again.

He knew they had a job to do and usually an important one. He should be in the bunker right now. It was where he would direct the government in the coming hours. Borg Holocaust or not. He knew where he belonged and he had a uniform jacket draped over the arm of his sofa just waiting for him to put it on. They would try to stop him but he knew in the end he could send the Vice president with them if they needed a damn successor. He was going to be the president that lost Earth and the entire sol system.

He glanced over his shoulder as the FMI troops started pounding on his door. It was locked and baring an antimatter explosive device it would hold. He stood and with a sigh loosened his tie and removed it followed by his jacket. He left both drop to the floor. He walked to the sofa and picked up the grey uniform jacket. he ran his finger over the comm badge for a moment and then put the jacket on.

It felt right and it felt like the relief of a terrible burden. He would die in space defending the planet. On the bridge of a star ship. He walked to the center of the room and tapped the comm badge.

"Jellico to Cairo. One to beam up." He watched as the room around he began to vanish and smiled when he re formed in the transporter room of his old command.

Captain Jellico would go down fighting..

[San Francisco]
[Starfleet Academy]

The corridors of the great institution stood silent and empty. In the entirety of its existence this had occurred on only two occasions. In 2375 during the breen attack on earth. and before in 2153 during the xindi attack on earth. But now here it stood the great halls of the institution that saw such greats as Johnathan Archer Garth of Izar Jim Kirk and Jean Luc Picard go from fresh recruits to seasoned leaders.

Every cadet had been assigned to either shipboard or planetside duty months ago. Teaching a new class seemed pointless given the situation with the borg. New recruits got a three day course at fleet command and an assignment somewhere doing something. Boothby would frown at the state of the outside grounds. Left to go to seed they hadn't been tended in years now really. She stood in the middle of the rotunda and looked at the portraits of famous alumni. Everyone of them a hero in some way. Ships named Excalibur and Enterprise and Excelsior and Venture Star a few lesser known ships
but still just as important.

Her own portrait hung there as well. Her ship now long since gone. She paused and looked at the likeness and frowned that they had gotten her tail markings wrong. They often missed little things like that. She smiled and rubbed her tongue along one of her long frontal fangs. She walked on and tried to forget that somewhere up there in space her husband and her son were about to risk everything to try and stop the unstoppable. She still had a few hours until she needed to report for duty leading the defence of San Francisco while the civilian retreat was happening.

Jackie Clawson would go down fighting.....

[Earth Station McKinley]
[Earth orbit]

She held her rifle tight in her hands as she watched the children being lead down the corridor to the ship still undergoing repair in the dock below them. All of them so young and each one more scared looking than the last. She was FMI all the way but she would trade all her training for a chance to go with them to make sure they got away safe.

She couldn't of course. The detachment had to stay on station to make sure everyone got away. Everyone knew they weren't going to win. It was utter chaos. Everyone was trying to fool themselves that some last minute strategy was going to come to fruition that everything was going to turn out ok. Because in the end we were on the side of good.

That was good for fairy tales and holonovels. This was the real world. The borg so far had been unstoppable. Everyone had been whispering about something coming down the pipe to use against the borg. She had no idea what it was but suspected it was nothing more than hopes and wishes.

she stared out the window at the Starfleet ships still assembling. thousands of them all in a defensive sphere around the planet. They may not win but the borg would get one hell of a fight.

Jenna Tucker would go down fighting......

[Station core]
[Omega reactor]

He watched as the reactor surged to life. His hands trembled and sweat poured down his face as he nervously watched the reactor start to create omega particles. He had studied time for most of his adult life but this was something new entirely. What started as a joint free energy project with the former drone Annika Hansen had turned into something more deadly.

The omega sanction was the last resort. when the borg would win and all life in the galaxy was in danger they would detonate reactors like these spread through the sol system and aboard starships to seal the borg that remained inside the sol system. A perversion of the work the two of them had tried so hard to perfect. Now a necessary evil as Annika herself knew that nothing else would stop the borg. they had grown more powerful and daring over the years. Some would say vengeful even.

This reactor alone would likely be powerful enough to destroy the earth and the surrounding subspace domain all the way to jupiter.

Still they had to be sure. There was an identical reactor on the moon and smaller versions peppered on ships in the armada. He was unsure of the status of the one on mars since the borg took the planet as well as the one on jupiter station. All combined they would take out every borg ship every starfleet ship the earth the moon and make travel outside the sol system take hundreds of years.

Doctor Paul Manheim watched through the tiny observation window as the omega reactions stabilized and marveled at the perfection of the design of the reactors. A system so powerful they could have made extra galactica travel possible.

"Reactor one online and holding. " He sent the message out to the others working on starting the other reactors. they were waiting for his telemetry to reach them.

The Borg would go down in a blaze and the sol system would go down fighting.......

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