A message in the darkness

The last stand of Starfleet at Earth.
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A message in the darkness

Postby Captain_Davies » Thu Apr 09, 2015 6:47 pm

The subspace relay network was gone.

The Borg had the system locked off.

But still there was a chance.

There was hope.

His name was Bryan Cash and this was the broadcast he gave June 6 2412 12:00 hours local earth time.

On screens in every corner of the sol system where humans and allies still stood a spinning federation seal which had stood as a reminder since
the subspace network went down was replaced with the bridge of a starship. The bridge was burnt and damaged and seemed to be empty save for a single individual sitting in the center chair.

It was the Bridge of the USS Venture Star and Admiral Cash stood and strode forward.

"Good evening. I wanted to address you all today. I'm not going to assure you you're going to be safe. I'm not even going to tell you that we will win this thing. "

The admiral placed his hands on his hips and stared directly into the camera.

"As i speak the largest armada ever assembled is forming in orbit of earth. Every ship with a weapon every soul that can hold a phaser is being tasked to stand up and fight. The Borg want to take everything away from us. Our homes our family...our individuality. Everything. This fight is for it all."

He paused and rubbed the back of his neck as he always did looking for the right words to say.

"The Borg operate a web of fear. But I'll tell everyone this. I'm not afraid of the Borg! I'm not afraid of anything they can do to me. What i am afraid of is losing all that we are to them. We cannot and will not let that happen. Here today the federation stands up for everyone in this galaxy! The line is drawn no further! We will make you pay for everything that you have taken from anyone in your horrible history. We are united we are strong!
Today the Borg find out that Resistance is not Futile!"

It's unknown how many billions actually heard that message. Most were to busy preparing for the fight to actually listen. Those who did hear it remember where they were.

[Venture Star]
[Briefing room]

"Where are they located now Alex?" He asked watching the graphics switch to an expanded view of the system.

"Near as we can tell they passed mars twelve minutes ago. They are on a trajectory to earth." He looked up from his padd and saw the admiral only nod.

"So they seem to want to finally finish this." Steepling his hands the admiral gazed at the screen and watched the largest borg armada anyone had ever seen slowly move towards earth.

"Yeah looks that way. Initial numbers have us outnumbered four to one. I ah... i mean..." Looking at the admiral his voice barely a whisper.

"Jesus Bryan. Theres no way we can win this."

Bryan stood and smiled. "You never know Alex." Walking to where the youngest Starfleet chief of operations officer in history sat he patted him on the shoulder. "That being said i have new orders for you." He handed Alex a padd and walked out of the room.

Alex activated the device and looked at the orders as they scrolled across the screen. "The Omega sanction......oh my god."

All across the planet ordinary people who had never picked up much less fired a weapon at all stood ready in massive battalions for the inevitable borg landing parties that would reach the surface. Men women and even some children stood ready to fight to the death. An entire planet mobilizing to fight any enemy so terrifying it often drove people to madness.

But still one thing they had was hope. The humans saw to that. Never did they give up or surrender. Push them to the wall and you often got the fight of your life. The entire galaxy was riding on what the humans did on this day.

They would give up everything for planets who cared planets who didn't and even planets who had no idea that any of this was happening up there in the cold dark of space. One way or another it would all end soon. Every ship in the orbiting facilities were being launched ready or not. Mckinley launched ships without life support. Entire crews in environmental suits. Other ships were nothing more than flying weapons. Phasers and torpedo launchers installed with no regard of how they were powered or if they all even worked or not.

It would be the battle of the ages. All lead by one signal man.

Zero hour approached........

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